About Us


Since 1998, we have been offering our customers in the Lithuanian and Latvian markets complex solutions for medical, nursing and care facilities, we prepare projects, sell and install lifting systems, supply solutions for nursing, prepare sensory spaces. We have accumulated vast experience in our field. Based on this experience, we offer our customers additional services: we advise on issues of care, installation of sensory spaces, prepare technical and visual projects, organize staff training, perform technical maintenance of equipment.
The nursing and patient care solutions implemented by us serve the health of patients and enable the employees of institutions to work safely and with dignity.

We work only with reliable, reputable and leaders in their field - suppliers from all over Europe who supply certified, high-quality and long-lasting equipment. We ensure that our solutions are sustainable, products last longer, and are provided with longer warranty service. When proposing solutions, ecological issues, economic usefulness of equipment, and profitability are also taken into account.



Complex solutions are the company's strategic direction

We are a modern and modern company, we are happy with our staff, we are able to adapt to changin market conditions. We constantly follow innovations in the world and update our assortment. We pay a lot of attention to innovative solutions and product quality. Our most important goal is that our customers' investments pay off and that the purchased solutions last for a long time.

In order to optimize the company's internal processes, we implemented the ISO9001 quality management certificate and the ISO 14001 certificate to strengthen the compliance of activities with environmental requirements.

- Over 600 multifunctional sensory rooms have been equipped in Lithuania and Latvia, which are successfully used by users at any age.
- With the help of high-quality wheelchairs, more than 5,000 people regained their freedom of movement.
- More than 14,000 bed sore prevention mattresses have been sold, of which as many as 95% helped customers completely avoid bedsores.
- Over 600 safe stationary lifts have been installed in different institutions and private homes.

We really value development, so if you'd like to collaborate with us, please get in touch:
+370 41 540204