2020. 07. 29
The interactive sensory room - the stimulation of various visual, auditory, and sensory sensations to relax, calm down or vice versa - stimulates... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
2019 project with Šiauliai Lions Women's Club. Public Institution "Woman and Child Clinic": a great multisensory room. Learn more
2020. 07. 29
These compact functional beds fit perfectly in the small rooms of Abromiškės Rehabilitation Hospital. The beds are strong and durable, suitable for... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
The modern and highest-comfort functional beds Movita Casa fit perfectly in the modern interior of the UPA Medical SPA sanatorium. Learn more
2020. 07. 29
The completed hospital renovation project, renovated building, and equipment. New Plumtec beds were purchased, which were perfect for a hospital of... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
A ward renovation project for which we supplied reliable, robust, mobile functional hospital beds. Learn more
2020. 07. 29
We presented excellent, functional nursing beds Movita for the nursing home of Plungė parish. We have assembled it and provided training on how to... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
New private care homes in Latvia decided to buy our beds. They chose these beds because they needed strong and reliable beds. The beds also remind... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
Venta care homes bought Movita Casa functional nursing beds because it was important for them to create the interior of a home environment where... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
Single rail lift over two beds. A great solution when wanting to save. Great help for staff as the lift is always ready to work. Usage of straps is... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
We installed a lift in Santara clinics, rehabilitation department. Lift is used for walking training, balancing on the ball, therapy for movements... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
For the Krekenava social care home, we introduced the functional nursing beds Movita Casa, which created the interior of a home environment. Hidden... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
Lifts were installed in bathrooms in order to lift to rehabilitation, bubble, massage baths and wards. More than 10 lifts were installed in this... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
One of the most modern care homes in Lithuania, stationary elevators in almost every room. Serves for many years and is used daily. Movita... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
The GH3 lift with automatic battery charging via rails was installed in the physiotherapy hall of Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital. The primary... Learn more
2020. 07. 29
A stationary lift GH1 was installed in Madona home for the elderly, Latvia. The transverse system can be used throughout the room. Learn more
2020. 07. 29
GH3 transverse ceiling lifts were installed. Since the ceiling was not suitable for fixing the rails, the rails had to be mounted on the walls. As... Learn more
103310658_2846625438793680_8823453829071859503_n (1)-fd9c259043364d55ded76263ac230e1e.jpg
2020. 07. 29
At the request of the Recreation and Rehabilitation Center "Pušynas", we had to find a way to install sensory products in the bathroom without... Learn more
0012_100_6038_1594906025-6a54e265297331246c0de1958b13f45e (1)-a916e77d051f610723ab0fa059cab6d2.jpg
2020. 07. 29
The sensory room of Klaipeda city care home was installed in 2018. One of the first care homes in Lithuania who trusted us and came up with the... Learn more
2020. 05. 04
A unique solution at the Kurtuvėnai Park Horse stables allowing people with disabilities to be transferred from a wheelchair to a horse. Learn more
2020. 03. 31
Perhaps only a handful of specialists have heard about sensory rooms and have encountered them during visits to foreign countries, but only a few... Learn more
2020. 03. 31
Two sensory spaces installed in Kėdainiai social care home. The first room is a space meant for rest, relaxation, dreaming, and the other is for... Learn more
2020. 03. 30
Klaipeda Sea Museum project - multisensory room with sensory room control system "Sensory magic" Learn more