Aldona Gudeliauskienė, Deputy Director of Klaipėda City Care Home: "Groups or individual classes are held in the sensory room according to need. Classes are attended by 3 residents, duration 30-35 minutes, course from 5 to 10 sessions. We pay a huge amount of attention to the individual needs of the resident, their health status, characteristics, and preferences. Residents are keen to participate in classes, waiting for the next session. Purchased equipment is used full time, however, we cannot answer if it has paid off or not as there is no leverage to measure it. We have not noticed any negative impact of the sensory room. Both the residents and workers are glad that we have such equipment. "

             From project: 

Sensory room project in Klaipeda city care home (2020-07-16)

The room has comfortable seating, bubble tubes, light fibers that stimulate vision, touch. The pleasant buzzing of the pipes has a particularly calming effect, the room gives a feeling of coziness and security. According to the staff, the users of the room are often led here after experiencing high-stress levels or aggression to relax. There is a waiting list, so everybody has scheduled seats.



Rasita Gylienė, director of kindergarten "Pilaitukas": "We have been cooperating with UAB "Slaugivita" since 2017. Together we have installed a modern, suitable for comfortable use sensory room. The equipment is innovative and high quality. We recommend UAB "Slaugvita" as a great partner that will advise and help plans become reality. "

             From project: 

Vilnius kindergarten "Pilaitukas" and a colorful touch room (2020-03-31)

What is special about touch rooms and what do visitors find in them? It is like a new, intense world in which all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, sensation are exercised at the same time. The rooms can have bubble tubes up to 2 meters high, which change color and emit a gentle vibration when touched. The walls and ceiling are decorated with moving images, which themes can be changed: the diversity of the planets, the underwater world, the jungle, and so on.

The children come to the rooms one by one, in pairs or with accompanying educators/specialists. Here it becomes a place for relaxation, calmness, communication when it is difficult to adapt to new challenges, concentrate or start the day well.

 The sensory environment serves for self-regulation when the child is given space to cope with challenges, calm down and relax. Sometimes, there is no need to do anything in the room - lie down on a mattress or shrink in a bag-shaped swing and let the sounds, smells, and images work their magic.

 The room is designed not only for relaxation but also for children with special needs, overactive behavior, autism, hearing, or vision impairment.



Vilnius Center Polyclinic Occupational Therapist p. Jonas Laurinavičius: "We are very satisfied with your products and services. Sensory products are of high quality and the team is pleasant and cooperative. Just the delivery times could be shorter. Good luck to you."


Skuodas Care Home Administration: "We express our warmest and most sincere words of gratitude to you and your team for long-term successful cooperation. We are satisfied with the excellent quality of your company's products and work, professionalism, efficiency and flexibility. Good luck to the whole team."


Director of Marijampolė Special Social Care Home, p. Viduta Bačkierienė: "Marijampolė Special Social Care Home uses a variety of UAB "Slaugivita" nursing, education, rehabilitation products, and a range of disabled equipment to ensure the ideal care for elderly people, adults with intellectual disabilities and/or mental disorders and children left without parental care. UAB "Slaugivita" has many years of experience in implementing projects. The experience of professionals in selecting equipment and adapting it to the needs of the residents is significant for the activities of all nursing homes. UAB Slaugivita is a partner that not only sells or installs the product but also teaches. They teach us how to use the equipment safely, how to maintain it, perform inspections. The knowledge of the employees is tested, evaluated, it is made sure that their teaching was successful and we will be able to use the equipment properly. UAB "Slaugivita" participates in organizing practical-scientific conferences: prepares equipment presentations, invites lecturers from other EU countries. By using purchased nursing and disability care equipment in the care home, we create a safe workplace for employees and protect service users from potential health risks. "


Panevėžys Social Services Center, a former specialist in environment and housing adaptation Lina Pelenytė-Vyšniauskienė: "Communication with your company has always been very pleasant for me. The offers are great, the website is convenient and informative. The only drawback is that if the goods were not in stock, there was a very long waiting time. Good luck and have a good day."


Olga Jerešiūnienė, the head of the project department of the Public Institution Abromiškės Rehabilitation Hospital: "Overall satisfied with the equipment, as much as I had to work with it - everything is innovative and fun. Happy with the equipment. Since you are asking about how you could improve the workflow, then such an observation would be that sales work for themselves and the technical department for themselves :) What I mean by that is everything went very smoothly with Asta, with you, when we constantly coordinated the equipment and other current equipment purchase/installation issues, however, when the purchase was completed, things were transferred to the Technical Department,  and it seems that we were working with a different company:) I am talking about the employees of the technical department - 2 teams with different quality of work came to us. The girls had to dismiss their patients and stand by the men and ask to do it better. In their words, the equipment only has to "build", "fixed", but without looking for the optimal and best option for the customer, the consumer - the small patient. After all, technicians are professionals at their job and they have to tell you what is better. It’s just friendly advice for making good decisions for the future. Thank you for your work :) "


Vilnius City Republican Hospitals. Feedback from Valentina Marcevičiūtė, Senior Nursing Administrator of the Anesthesiology Surgery Department, on the use of the EKAMOVE system: “The system is used in the resuscitation department of anesthetic surgery. Tested with severely ill patients with a high to moderate risk of developing bedsores. As patients were unable to move due to their medical condition, the use of the system was obviously proven. The position of the patient was easily and gently changed, the discomfort was removed. For the nursing staff - it is important to facilitate the physical use of patients and save time. I recommend having such a device in different sections. "




Guldmann Sverige AB: Since we started our co-operation with Slaugivita in 2011, we have been pleased with the co-operation. Slaugivita knows the Lithuanian marked very well and acts professionally both with their customers and us suppliers.


Rompa LTD: Slaugivita is the official and exclusive partner and distributor to Rompa Ltd in Lithuania and Latvia. We have built a very strong and productive partnership with them and they are a key international distributor for Rompa Ltd. We have had the great pleasure of working closely with Slaugivita over many years building up the sensory market in Lithuania. They have represented Rompa extremely well over these years and we trust them fully in delivering the high standards of service and customer care Rompa expects from international partners and distributors. We hope to continue this very close and special relationship for many years to come“.