The environment of multisensory rooms can help You and your employees to relax. The Sensory Magic computer system with a touch screen is designed to control the entire multisensory environment. It combines sounds, colors, images and lighting into one whole. All room equipment can be connected to it: bubble tubes, panels, projectors, etc.

A natural way to relax is to look at the water, the aquarium, but if you do not have the opportunity to have an aquarium, we offer you bubble tubes that are designed to create a multisensory passive and interactive environment. Columns of bubbling water provide visual, tactile and sonic stimulation. It is safe to snuggle up to them, the tubes vibrate and emit a gentle buzzing sound.

To finish off, we offer sets of natural essential oils with an aroma diffuser. Thanks to the properties of specially selected oils, you will feel how tense joints and muscles relax, and the oils help to control insomnia and stress.