Tricycle Sport (8 to 13 years old)


Tricycle Sport (8 to 13 years old)

Designed for boys - due to colours and decorations. An excellent therapy and rehabilitation tool for children with VCP. The tricycle is also ideal for children with balance and movement disorders. The movement has a stimulating effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system. Improves blood circulation and breathing and strengthens the body in general. Tricycles encourage action, especially for children. The tricycle makes it easier for children to adapt to their peers.

If you want to see a smile and joy on a child’s face, it is enough to plant it on a tricycle. Kids love to ride it. Parents are doubly happy when a child recovers by doing so.

A large selection of additional parts allows you to ride safely and ensure such a stable position that the child does not fall off the tricycle.

The tricycle is usually delivered with a fixed drive system. To drive, you need to constantly think about the pedals. This is recommended for some people as they are encouraged to move their legs constantly and thus achieve a better rehabilitation result. If the tricycle is to be fitted with another type of transmissions, such as a freewheel or a torpedo type hub, this must be stated in the order.

To choose the right tricycle for your child, you need to measure the inner length of the leg from the ground to the groin.

The SPORTY model is intended for a child with a leg length of 55 to 70 cm.

Product code: sporty.2215