Vilnius kindergarten "Pilaitukas" and a colorful touch room


Vilnius kindergarten "Pilaitukas" and a colorful touch room


What is special about touch rooms and what do visitors find in them? It is like a new, intense world in which all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, sensation are exercised at the same time. The rooms can have bubble tubes up to 2 meters high, which change color and emit a gentle vibration when touched. The walls and ceiling are decorated with moving images, which themes can be changed: the diversity of the planets, the underwater world, the jungle, and so on.

The children come to the rooms one by one, in pairs or with accompanying educators/specialists. Here it becomes a place for relaxation, calmness, communication when it is difficult to adapt to new challenges, concentrate or start the day well.

 The sensory environment serves for self-regulation when the child is given space to cope with challenges, calm down and relax. Sometimes, there is no need to do anything in the room - lie down on a mattress or shrink in a bag-shaped swing and let the sounds, smells, and images work their magic.

 The room is designed not only for relaxation but also for children with special needs, overactive behavior, autism, hearing, or vision impairment.

If you are interested in how a touch room can be adapted in your kindergarten or school, we will provide advice and select equipment according to your needs and possibilities.

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