The SALVAFIX® wrist restrains size S

The SALVAFIX® wrist restrains, size S

The SALVAFIX® human restraint system of wrist bands allow one or both hands of the patient to be secured. The comfortable soft-touch padded cover eliminates possible injuries typically caused by pressure or abrasion with traditional restraint systems. Its particular design allows a comfortable application over the belt bands, eliminating the difficulties of fastening to bed frames of different widths. The Velcro® ® on the inside prevents slipping of the overlapped parts.


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Product code: SVF3251

WristbandsSoft to the touch padded cover. Eliminates injuries caused by pressure or abrasion.
In combination with the SALVAFIX® abdominal belt and fastened to the two loops situated in the base, they limit the movement of the patient to the confines of the bed.

Additional Info

  • References:
    Code Size Perimeter Width
    SVF3251 S 9-15 8
    SVF3250 M 14-20 8
    SVF3252 L 19-25 8
    SVF3253 XL 24-30 8
  • Packaging:
    • 2 wristbands
    • 4 closing buttons
    • 1 magnetic key
  • Applications:Bed high security